Information Communication Technology at WPPS

At WPPS we believe that our school exists to promote education and life long learning. We are a learning community for both students and teachers who’s disposition is active, self-directed,  and self-monitored learning rather than just being a repository for new knowledge. Our learning environment promotes the use of ICT as a tool, not a learning outcome, to provide engaging, interactive, experiential and collaborative learning experiences. We believe technology has changed education and it is up us, as teachers, to provide a 21st century education and learning environment that reflects or improves on that change. Ultimately we strongly believe it is great teachers that facility great student learning, therefore at WPPS we are committed to professional learning to support staff to develop digitally powered innovative teaching practices and pedagogy that reflects current theory and best practice. In doing so all members of our learning community will become digital learners and citizens capable of leading full and satisfying lives and in our 21st century multicultural society.


Foundation - Year 2


In the Foundation - Year 2  learning community students have access to iPads and netbooks on an as needed basis.



Year 3 & 4



In the Year 3 & 4 learning community students have shared access to a trolley of netbooks and a trolley of iPads. We incorporate ICT into the classroom as a student engagement tool during whole class, small groups and for focused individual learning. Programs we regularly use are

  • Reading Eggs,
  • Spellodrome
  • Mathletics.

These programs are accessible from home.



Year 5 & 6


In the Year 5&6 Learning community students have 1:1 access to netbook computers at all times. All classrooms have access to either an interactive Whiteboard or Plasma Screen TV which allows teachers to display computer screens via integrated apple TV’s. The school has excellent WiFi access and all teachers have individual access to computers and iPads to support learning and teaching.


The 5 & 6 Learning Community use ICT as a tool for:

  • Developing and tracking thinking, using graphics
  • Video, visual and audio texts
  • For students to present and demonstrate their understandings
  • Visual and audio modelling/instruction
  • Practicing strategies which have been explicitly taught
  • Researching
  • Assessment and Reporting
  • Communication between staff, students and parents”