Senior Student Leaders – years 56

  • meet regularly (fortnightly)
  • represent WPPS at official functions/school events
  • plan and implement fundraising activities (e.g. Red Nose Day)
  • attend National Young Leaders conference
  • attend morning tea with families and badge presentation
  • contribute to school newsletter
  • greet and host guests and visitors to the school
  • deliver welcome and thank-you speeches for special visitors to the school
  • host new students welcome morning tea
  • provide volunteer helpers afternoon tea
  • make connections with local community e.g., Heathdale Kindergarten
  • participate in Kids Thrive: Kids as Catalyst program 2016


Additional Responsibilities of House Captains and Vice Captains

  • assist PE teacher with house point tallying, build house spirit and pride, plan fun house activities (e.g. special break games or competitions)
  • assist PE teacher on sports days and whole school events (e.g. P-2 Mini Olympics)
  • help maintain the sports equipment
  • demonstrate the skills of being a ‘good sport’ at all times


Students are encouraged to contribute to the provision of a caring, safe environment for fellow students, staff and parents.



Children can thrive when we acknowledge their capacity to lead local change.


Kids as Catalyst (formerly InSchools Philanthropy) is an innovative child-led social change program activating children as positive contributors to and creators of community. The program equips children with the skills to identify and solve real problems facing their community through creative and collaborative projects.


Kids as Catalyst calls for early engagement, new ideas, respectful community partnerships, and recognises children as vibrant catalysts for positive change. Children are asked to reflect on their personal values, and are taught how to conceive, design and implement real-life, philanthropic projects.


The skills developed by children in the program go beyond numeracy and literacy bench-marking to introduce project management, leadership and communication skills. Participants forge partnerships with local volunteers, charities and community organisations; ‘pitch’ community projects to a formidable panel of local community leaders; develop budgets and manage finances; and then deliver their unique community projects.


Young students build deep community connections and deliver tangible, real world results of which they are justifiably proud. Kids as Catalyst activates and inspires children to take an ongoing interest in community action and social justice.


Kids Thrive collaborates with children as active members of their community, unearthing the issues they care about, and supporting them to make a real impact. Kids as Catalyst develops a sense of engaged citizenship in children, building a strong foundation for a resilient society.


Our year 56 Senior Student Leaders have identified the elderly, cultural diversity, disabilities and animals as areas of need for their philanthropic projects


Kids Thrive:    The Elderly Protectors

Members: Micko, Shayn Jayd, Patrick, John and Loisi

One day at Wyndham Park Primary School all School Captains, House Captains, Class Captains and all the Vice Captains had a meeting with Ms Louise. She told us that we were going to participate in an activity called Kids Thrive. We didn't really know what Kids Thrive was about and she told us that Kids Thrive was going to be every Wednesday for 2 hours. We were like this might be something major. A week later on Wednesday Ms Louise took us out of our classrooms and we went into the learning community and there were about 4 or 5 people there. The first one’s name was Andrea and she was going to be like the boss. The second one’s name was Alex and she was the coach, she was Andrea's assistant and there were people from the Smith Family.

We started off with getting to know each other then we did a test. It was to tell them how you felt at different moments and how you felt about places. It wasn't really hard. Then they explained what was going to happen and what we were going to do for the next two terms. They said that we were going to help change our community into a better place and they taught us all these words like ' Philanthropy and Catalyst '. Philanthropy means love of human kind and Catalyst means like changing something that is in your life. Then we got books and all that stuff, that was pretty cool and so after we got everything we had to go back to class to eat our lunch!


The next week we had Kids Thrive and this time Andrea told us stories and we had to say like I agree with that or I don't agree and so when Andrea finished the stories she said we had to go to a station that we really liked and the options were: Environment, Elderly, Cultural Diversity, Animals, Girls and Women, Boys and Men, Disability etc. and the Top 4 were Elderly, Cultural Diversity, Animals and Disability.

The next week we did a phone call to get ready to do our community action. Our team was successful with the phone call. We asked our handy people if they knew anyone who helped the elderly and we got a few names. The one that caught our attention was James Dredge who was the manager of The Mens Shed. We had to call James Dredge to have an interview with him to see if he was the right community partner for us.  He easily persuaded us, he had a lot of ideas to share with us and so he was fit for the job. The week after we called him to say he was successful and congratulated him on being our community partner. The Men’s Shed is making a carpet bowls stand for the elderly. We will present it to Heathglen Retirement Village and play carpet bowls with the residents and share afternoon tea.

A few weeks passed, we had been practicing our pitch performance. We had an excursion to Manor Lakes to perform our pitch. Manor Lakes and the Lady Of Our Southern Cross was there. Our school group had to perform first which was kind of nerve wrecking, because we were thinking a lot of things. Loisi had to do the Speed Jump and then she gave us a signal to come in which was ‘Ok people now let’s get information’. Once we got information Alex started the music, which was One Call Away, and we started to perform our pitch. It was ok at the start but when it was the end it fell all into pieces, but we held our heads high and took a bow and the panel asked questions and we answered them. We had our lunch break and the panel went and made a decision. We got the budget we needed and informed the Men’s Shed we got the money. We started budgeting and buying for a morning tea then sent Maggie and The Men’s Shed our Invitations.

We will present the carpet bowls stand on Monday 8th August!


Rehearsing for our pitch.




Planning with our community partner The Men’s Shed.


Micko Rojas


Tobin House Captain 56P