G.R.I.N. sessions are conducted in addition to and before the normal daily mathematics lessons. The program is delivered by tutors ,who have been trained in the G.R.I.N. model of intervention.


A trained tutor conducts the sessions with small groups of students. The key idea is for tutors to prepare the intervention students for the subsequent mathematics lesson. Major considerations are to familiarize students with the relevant language and terminology that they will hear during the classroom lesson and for the tutor to model what students can expect to see and/or do in the lesson.


G.R.I.N. sessions are necessarily brief (between 15- 25 minutes) and focused. In most cases students attend multiple G.R.I.N. sessions in any one week. The timing and number of G.R.I.N. sessions that a student attends varies depending on individual student needs and/or timetable constraints. For example;

in some cases, students might participate in G.R.I.N. sessions prior to the commencement of the school day twice a week. In another situation students might be withdrawn from other (non-mathematics) lessons to participate in G.R.I.N. sessions prior to every classroom mathematics lesson.