3/4 Term 1

Welcome to all our Grade 3/4 students, parents and families. We are sure 2017 will bring many wonderful experiences and successes for all of our students! We are pleased to welcome several new students who have joined us at Wyndham Park Primary School and we would especially like to welcome Miss Samantha Ferreira who has joined the Grade 3/4 team. Your first point of contact is your child’s classroom teacher and we are located in the Yellow Building.



Upcoming Events

 March 9 - Photo Day
 March 13 - Labour Day (no school)
 March 14 - BSEM Curriculum Day (no school)
 March 16 – Parent Information Night
 March 21 - Harmony Day
 March 28 –Mr Stink at the Melbourne Art Centre
 March 30 - Grades 3-6 Swimming Carnival
 March 31 – Last Day of Term 1 (2.10pm finish)


Grade 3/4 Teaching Staff

Mrs Kirstin Wilkinson
(Learning Community Leader) 

Miss Nadeeka Pussalle           


Miss Louise Welsh


Miss Louise Welsh


Miss Jessica Anibaldi


Miss Samantha Ferreira




Just a reminder that if your child is absent the school needs to be notified of this absence. This can be done via our website http://www.wyndhamparkps.vic.edu.au/page/187, the parent portal, a note to the classroom teacher or a phone call (9741 4549). It is also important that children are at school by 8.55am every morning to ensure they maximise their learning time.

Speaking and Listening

Our students will be encouraged through collaborative group work, to give and receive feedback, make presentations and actively listen for instructions. They will learn to listen to others’ views and respond using appropriate interaction skills. Students will also learn how to contribute actively to class and group discussions, and be encouraged to ask clarifying questions.


This term we will be learning about place value, data and graphing, counting and location/mapping skills. In mathematics, we are supporting our students in becoming logical thinkers who use reasoning skills and problem solving in everyday situations.

Some simple yet effective ways to support your child in improving their mathematics are:

 Assist your child in the practice of mental math, particularly addition, subtraction and multiplication facts
 Practice telling the time on both analogue and digital clocks
 Allow your child to be involved in shopping/paying for items to develop their money handling skills
 Ask your child to read the TV guide to tell you what is on at a specific time and how long it goes for.


By now your child will be bringing home Just Right books to read to you. They will be participating in many different reading experiences and activities during class time in all areas of the curriculum. It is expected that your child read every day. Set aside a regular time so that you and your child can share in this wonderful and enjoyable experience. One of our focuses this term in reading is for students to identify and choose Just Right Texts for reading both at home and school. An easy way to tell if a book is Just Right, is to undergo the 5 finger test – if you can count more than 5 words on the first page that you cannot read or understand then the book is too hard. If you do not have any errors or misunderstandings, then this book may be too easy. We want students to read books that are of interest to them but are also appropriate to their reading ability. Please help your child choose Just Right Texts.


This year in our Writer’s Workshop, we are working to support our students in becoming lifelong writers. Students undertake writing every day. They participate in a mini-lesson where they learn about a specific part of the craft of writing and then spend time practising that focus as well as their own individual writing goals. During this time, students also participate in individual or small group conferences with the teacher. Students also have the opportunity to write in their Writer’s Notebooks both at home and school. Some points to keep in mind about the Writer’s Notebook:

 It is a place where ideas are collected and may be used for further writing pieces
 It is the responsibility of each child to make sure they take their Writer’s Notebook home over the weekend and bring it back to school each Monday
 An artefact or drawing that is included in the Writer’s Notebook must have writing with it
 Teachers will not correct or mark the writing in the Writer’s Notebook.


Students are investigating how places are diverse yet interconnected in Australia and beyond. The key questions they will research include:

1. How and why are places similar and different?
2. What would it be like to live in a neighbouring country?
3. How does the environment support the lives of people and other living things?
4. How can people use places and environments more sustainably?
Stay tuned for activities that will be coming home related to this research and we will be celebrating Harmony Day March 21 – more details to follow.

Robotics Program

The 3/4 Learning Community has received a donation of Lego Robotic kits. These kits will be available to our students later in the term. The learning goal in the use of these kits is to develop our students’ critical and creative thinking skills to solve real life problems through design and innovation.


This term students are setting up their classrooms and learning how to use our 2017 Matrix and Behaviour Checkpoints. They will also learning what the words stress, present, centred, grounded and de-escalation mean. They will create de-escalation maps/strategies for both home and school use.

Our Specialist Team

Follow this link to Specialist team information http://www.wyndhamparkps.vic.edu.au/page/212/Specialist