Principal’s Welcome

As the principal of Wyndham Park Primary School, I believe that our school values – we are respectful, safe, and responsible underpin all decisions and guide our daily practices as staff and students. Our school community is representative of the wider community and is inclusive of a range of cultures, religions, and perspectives. Our school implements a range of wellbeing resources and utilises the language and tools from Berry St.

At Wyndham Park Primary School, we believe that every single child MUST be given the chance to achieve their full potential, whatever their talent or background. Every single child CAN learn and we will endeavour to pursue a range of strategies to deliver a personalised learning experience for every child.

At Wyndham Park Primary School we also believe in the power of building a positive partnership with our families and our school community to ensure that our students are provided with the best possible opportunities. We believe that building a stronger and well-resourced community will provide our students with a more positive and improved learning experience.

We always look to utilise every possible partnership available to enhance our already successful community partnerships and relationships. As such we have actively established our own “Inside the School Gate” Community Hub, which is registered and supported by Community Hubs Australia.

With that in mind we welcome you to our school. We believe your family will grow and thrive within our community and school gates.

Kind regards,

John Eskander