School Profile

Wyndham Park Primary School, established in 2011, is a dynamic place of learning located in the suburb of Werribee. Our modern facilities, situated in the Wyndham Park Precinct alongside the Wyndham Park Community Centre, and Wyndham Park Kinder, allow us to provide educational experiences that prioritise the development of strong Literacy and Numeracy skills. These educational experiences are underpinned by a holistic approach to wellbeing, engagement and inclusion. We promote excellence in teaching and learning while developing students socially, emotionally and cognitively.


Our students and families come from a broad range of cultural backgrounds that allows our students to learn from one another and promotes inclusion within our school community.

As a result, we prioritise the literacy skills of all students and build a love for reading from the Foundation year levels. This is supported by our Multi-cultural Educational Aides, Classroom Support staff and Speech Pathologist. Our Community Hub allows the school to strengthen home school partnerships, encourage parental engagement in students learning, and support families to see the school as a welcoming place where they are valued and supported.

At Wyndham Park Primary School, we have 19 classes across 4 learning communities. Within these learning communities we have established multi-age grade structures as follows – Yrs 1/2, Yrs 3/4 and Yrs 5/6. The exception to this are our Foundation classes which are a single age group to ensure a positive transition from Kinder to Primary School. In addition to our multi-aged grades we offer exciting specialist programs which include Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education and Spanish classes. Our classroom instructional practices are aligned with the Department of Education’s Framework for School Improvement (FISO) Teaching and Learning Model, enabling us to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum that engages students in intellectually challenging work that responds to their differentiated learning needs. To facilitate these high-quality learning experiences and opportunities, we have a highly motivated and professional staff comprising of School Leaders, Teachers, Education Support Staff and Volunteers. Together our staff work in Professional Learning Community Teams, School Improvement Teams and Administration Teams to deliver our educational program and associated support programs.


 We utilise a wide range of Information Technology resources in our classroom and specialist programs to support and enhance teaching and learning. Our primary online parent and student portal is Compass and communicate student progress through the reporting feature.

Our school has an extensive Social and Emotional Learning curriculum (Respectful Relationships), supports and interventions. We base all that we do on the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Framework (SWPBS), which is complimented by our trauma informed practices, developed from the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM). The School Wellbeing team includes our Principal Team, Leading Teachers, School Counsellor, Family Engagement and Support Worker, and allied health professionals.

It is our intention that our students will experience their classrooms as invigorating and inspiring environments, places they look forward to going to and places they do not want to leave. It is also our intention that they will come to know themselves as lifelong learners, and that they will come to love the process of learning itself, by making it their own.


Welcome to Wyndham Park Primary School.